Announcing the $SBF Voting Token Auction & IDO

TL;DR: The StonkBase $SBF Voting Token will be sold in an auction on Bounce.Finance at approx 14:00 UTC on Thursday, April 29.

We are very excited to announce the release of the StonkBase $SBF voting token. StonkBase is a fundamentally community driven project, and we have designed a distribution rollout to maximize access & liquidity.

The $SBF token distribution will happen in 2 phases:

🟢 Phase 1: Auction $SBF on Bounce.Finance

We will be offering 500 $SBF in an auction on Bounce.Finance. For more info see the Bounce docs. Half of the proceeds will provide Uniswap liquidity, and the other will goto DAO treasury for dev & GAS costs.

  • StonkBase is totally bootstrapped. An auction provides maximum liquidity on Uniswap.
  • A fixed auction fixes a price floor for a fair distribution to everyone.

Auction open now:

🦄 Phase 2: List $SBF on Uniswap

Half of auction proceeds will be used to provide liquidity on Uniswap, & the other half will goto the DAO treasury to cover bootstrap dev & GAS costs.


Auction Start : 14:00 UTC on Thursday, April 29
Auction Length : 30 days
$SBF Price : 2.5 ETH
1ETH=$SBF (floor) : 0.4
$SBF TotalSupply : 10,000 $SBF
$SBF Auctioned : 500 $SBF

(after listing on Uniswap)
(assuming $2k USD/ETH)

$SBF Circulating Supply : 750 $SBF
$SBF/ETH Liquidity (min) : $2,500,000
$SBF/ETH Liquidity (max farming) : $7,500,000

$SBF Circulating Market Cap : $3,750,000
$SBF Total Market Cap : $50,000,000

StonkBase Website:






Unstoppable Synthetic Stonks on Ethereum

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