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How to Yield Farm Tesla stock on Ethereum with StonkBase

StonkBase totally decentralized Ethereum protocol for creating and trading synthetic stocks. StonkBase is now offering rewards the StonkBase $SBF Voting Token for Yield Farming synthetic Tesla (TSLA) stock. You can currently earn up to 98% APY.

Step 1: Mint or Buy synthetic TSLA stock

Congrats now you are the owner of TSLA-JUL21 synthetic TSLA stock!

Step 2: Add your TSLA-JUL21 tokens to the Uniswap TSLA-JUL21 / DAI pool

Step 3: Add your Uniswap TSLA-JUL21 / DAI LP tokens to the StonkBase Yield Farming app

You are now earning $SBF tokens for providing TSLA liquidity!

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